Most of the time when people ask me what my book is about I have a very hard time giving them a straight answer. Recently the image of vampires has been turned in to something resembling angst-y teenagers whose only care is who they love or don’t love and why they love them or don’t. 

I am a huge fan of True Blood and I am not afraid to admit that to anyone. The show is phenomenal, the books are great and they found a way to portray their vampires in a way that I love. Honestly I took a lot of inspiration from True Blood when writing ‘TIl Death as far as what a vampire is goes. I have also been fascinated by vampires my whole life and had a pretty good idea for what my idea of a vampire would be when I started writing.

I think it’s unfortunate that authors who write about the dark mysterious creatures known as vampires are forced to fight against the common stigma of a “vampire book” 

As soon as you mention that to a potential reader their minds wander to a series that, out of professional courtesy, I will not name. Their minds are filled with preconceived notions of what your story is about and what the characters will be like. Whiny teenage “vampires” who somehow after thousands of years alive and thousands more to come, can only think of their pain when they realize “oh woe is me I am a vampire and now I can’t be with this human who is so amazingly perfect for me and who I cannot live without”. 

I don’t want to bash any author or author’s in specific, please do not get me wrong. I simply wish to speak out on behalf of myself and authors like me and say that not all vampires you will read about have time to deal with the problem of love. Most true vampires in my opinion are too busy with killing and plotting against each other to even think about something so human. And while, yes, I do have a couple characters who deal momentarily with the problem of love it is not nor will it ever be what they are.


With “Love”,

David M. Trainor


Hello everyone, my name is David Trainor and I am the recently self-published author of the book ‘Til Death. I grew up in Bend and Redmond, Oregon and am now living in Salem, OR. I have been writing for most of my life finishing a few manuscripts when I was in grade school that were never seen or thought of again. I decided to start writing as a career in my last year of highschool after letting my English teacher read the first few chapters of a book I had been working on for a while. A year later I finished writing and and editing my manuscript and decided to publish it myself.
I hope that the world will enjoy my book as much as I enjoyed writing it and will be excited for another installment.